About Pampurrs We love cats

Hello there, we at Pampurrs, strive to make your feline companions stay as pleasurable as possible, so you can go on your hols with complete peace of mind

We are a medium sized cattery, with 19 separate chalets, 4 of which are large “family units”. As Henry informed you, the cattery is positioned adjacent to our house, which means that our guests are very much part of the everyday running of our home.

Pampurrs is run with an air of what we call “relaxed efficiency”. To that end we keep our paperwork to a minimum, allowing more time with our guests. We feel that our “room service” is second to none!

We strongly recommend that you view us and the cattery before you make a booking. Please call to arrange a time, so we can ensure that either Mark or Alison are available to show you around. Occasionally we are not available during our opening times due to vets appointments etc.

Opening Times

By Appointment Only


Our Costs Boarding Rates from 1st March 2024

Rates are per day and are inclusive of day of arrival and departure.

Bookings shall be paid for in full on return of your cat(s). We reserve the right to charge for the entire booking, should you return early. Please note we do not accept credit or debit cards.

We offer a collection and delivery service. Please contact us for details and cost. A fee of £25 maybe payable on short notice cancellations.

1 Cat Per Chalet

£16.75 / Day


2 Cats Per Chalet

£22.50 / Day


3 Cats Per Chalet

£27.00 / Day


4 Cats Per Chalet

£32.00 / Day


More than 4 Cats

Try a zoo!!!


Boarding Terms A few things you need to know


All our guests need immunisation against a minimum of Feline Infectious Enteritis And Upper Respiratory Infections (Cat Flu) A valid certificate is to be produced at “check in”


At Pampurrs we pride ourselves on being able to cater for the most discerning of feline palate. However some of our guests are on prescription foods, which we cannot obtain. In this case we ask that the cats servant brings enough for their holiday. In all other cases, you name it we’ll have it!!


We keep a selection of bedding for our guests. However if your little furry friend has their own bed and blanket please feel free to bring it, along with any toys/scratching posts that may help them settle.

Security and Safety

At Pampurrs, fire safety and security are a very high priority. We have a professionally maintained fire and intruder/escapee alarm system. We also have an annual fire safety inspection, in addition to the routine licensing. Naturally we are covered by liability insurance although we do not cover routine vet fees.

Contact Us Get in touch with Pampurrs

Telephone: 02380 864969

Pampurrs Boarding Cattery, The Cottage,
Salisbury Rd, Calmore, Southampton,
Hampshire, SO40 2RW

People sometimes have a problem finding the entrance to Pampurrs,
so please look out for the entrance below when arriving.